The biggest wind energy producer in the Baltics saves up to 79% of CO2 emissions and improves uptime with ABB’s reconditioning services

Enefit Green, the biggest wind energy producer in Baltics, relied on ABB's planned maintenance services to assure the high reliability of its wind turbines located in Estonia and Lithuania.

Because the maintenance contract with the OEM was expiring, the customer’s aim was to keep the ACS800 converters operating at peak performance and at the same time do the planned maintenance according to the scheduled maintenance program.

In Enefit Green's Estonian wind portfolio, ABB converters (ACS800) are utilized in 24 wind turbines at Enefit Green’s Aulepa and Aseri wind farms with a total capacity of 72MW and an average yearly capacity of 160 GWh, accounting for almost a quarter of Estonia's wind energy output.

Each of the turbines accommodates two converter cabinets with multiple ACS800 converter modules and they were serviced with minimal wind turbine downtime for the customer which meant guaranteed operational availability. 

Planned services guarantee uncompromised uptime

Aged assets do not have to be discarded or replaced, they may be reconditioned to improve their dependability and maintainability while assuring smooth operations.  The reconditioning of the equipment maximizes reliability and performance, and it extends its lifetime while providing an extended warranty. Also, by choosing to recondition the equipment there are potential CO2 emission savings of up to 79%1 compared to the purchasing of a new product. To achieve this, ABB replaced the old ACS800 converters in the existing wind turbine with reconditioned ones.

“Thanks to the timely planned services by ABB's maintenance team, Enefit Green has secured a significant part of Estonian wind energy production. The ABB maintenance team also provides factory assistance to analyze and quickly rectify other defects in the turbine,” said Karl Randmaa, Production Manager, Enefit Green AS.

The scope of the new service agreement also included Health Check and Stress Check services, a reconditioning service carried out in the ABB service workshop and cabinet reconditioning carried out on-site.

ABB Motion Services helps customers around the globe to improve wind turbine performance and lower the Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) throughout the entire life cycle of the wind farms. We help ensure high availability, turbine performance, and power grid stability through proven, standardized, and scalable solutions globally. Our complete range of services and digital solutions enable the electrical drivetrains, auxiliary systems (pitch motors and yaw motors and drives), and synchronous condensers to operate safely, reliably, and profitably.

1.  Data based on a 3rd party study


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