Carbon Capture and Storage

Sleipner Offshore Complex, Norway

Usynlig heading

Customer challenge

Gas and condensate production field with a focus on a low CO2 footprint achieved through an unmanned CO2 processing platform, which requires an efficient and reliable Technology platform delivered by ABB. Developed through further tie-ins and along term partnership with Equinor to ensure the technology is maintained.


  • The world’s first large-scale carbon capture and storage
  • 19 MT CO2 captured and stored by end of 2020.
  • Gas connection point for export to Europe.
Photo credit: Equinor

ABB Solution

At Sleipner, an ABB integrated distributed control solution manages all subsea and topside operations including the subsea and wellhead control systems, the safety, shutdown and fire and gas protection systems, and the carbon capture and storage process. ABB extended automation System 800xA monitors and controls the site, using its unique integrative capability to control not only the complex carbon capture process but the entire production processes as well, Electrical equipment integrated includes LW / MV (MNS + UniGear)and Exittion System Unitrol 6000


Process and Safety Control system including our Simulator solution, Electrical distribution system, Telecom and several of ABB’s advanced applications ( alarm Insight / Controll loop monitoring and Operations Insight)


Reliable Gas and Oil production, with a lowered CO2 footprint.


Stripping the carbon dioxide from the natural gas, compressing it and injecting it into a storage reservoir 1,000 meters beneath the seafloor significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and avoids a considerable cost.

Sleipner Area

The Sleipner area embraces the gas and condensate fields Sleipner Øst, Gungne and Sleipner Vest.  The Sleipner installations are also processing hydrocarbons from the tie-in-fields Sigyn, Volve, Gudrun and from 2017 also rich gas from Gina Krog.

Sleipner consists of the following installations :

  • Sleipner A - Processing, drilling and Living quarter platform
  • Sleipner R - Riser platform for gas export and condensate export
  • Sleipner T - Processing and CO2 removal platform
  • Sleipner B - Unmanned production platform

Sleipner has since 1996 performed removal of CO2 from produced gas, and injected and stored more thaN 19 million tonnes of CO2 in the Utsira formation (by end of 2020)

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