QGC Curtis LNG

World’s first coal seam gas to LNG project

ABB has a long-term service agreement (LTSA) with QGC, a wholly owned subsidiary of BG Group, to provide planned and unplanned maintenance for the up- and mid-stream facilities at Queensland Curtis Liquefied Natural Gas (QCLNG). ABB is also the main automation contractor for the project. 

The project, located in Queensland, Australia, is the world's first to convert gas from coal-seam into liquefied natural gas. Coal-seam gas is natural gas extracted from coal beds. It provides the same amount of energy as coal, but carbon dioxide emissions are 40 percent lower.

QCLNG is a priority project for QGC because it involves expanding exploration and development in southern and central Queensland. The upstream facilities stretch across the Surat Basin, where the coal-seam gas is gathered and transported along a 540-kilometer underground pipeline, to the LNG plant on Curtis Island near Gladstone.

ABB is providing comprehensive services including an on-site team to maintain ABB’s Extended Automation System 800xA Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS). The contract also covers spare parts management for QCLNG’s upstream collection and transportation facility as well as for the midstream liquefaction and export facility.

ABB is also the main automation contractor (MAC) providing integrated automation, safety and telecommunications systems and related equipment for the upstream coal-seam gas project.

Photo credit: QGC Curtis LNG

Main data

 Customer:   QGC
 Site:   Curtis, Australia 
Customer need:  Reliable and integrated control and safety system
Scope:  Power and automation systems 
Long-term service agreement 
Application:   Liquified natural gas
Customer benefits:
- Production and transportation efficiency
- Reduced complete lifecycle costs from remote operations
- Higher availability
Commissioning year: 2014

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