Canada’s Wapiti Gas Plant gets head-start with ABB’s Select I/O platform

“In January 2019, ABB’s flexible and reliable I/O solution was an integral part of the whole project. Everything came together to allow SemCAMS to begin production at the Wapiti Gas Plant two months ahead of its on-contract schedule and well within budget,” said Cory Roberts, Wapiti Asset Engineering Lead, SemCAMS.
In 2017, SemCAMS Midstream began construction of its Wapiti Gas Plant, which would be capable of pro­cessing up to 200 million cubic feet of raw sour gas per day. SemCAMS Midtream, a subsidiary of SemGroup Corporation, owns and operates a network of facilities that processes various types of gas, such as dry and wet as well as sweet and sour.

The Wapiti plant located in Canada’s gas-rich province of Alberta offers a range of midstream services includ­ing compression, sour gas sweetening, liquid recovery and condensate stabilization.

To ensure an on-time and on-budget completion of the Wapiti project, Calgary-based SemCAMS installed ABB’s state-of-the-art ABB AbilityTM System 800XA with Select I/O platform – a single channel I/O (input/ output) that allows project task decoupling, enabling smooth integration and commissioning of hardware and software systems – through system integrator Blackrock Automation.
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