Husow gas mine

ABB provides advanced and high-end Electrical Driven Compressor Package solutions

ABB has a long relationship with PGNiG, and a track record of over a dozen delivered compressing skids.

In the highly competitive gas compressor market in Poland ABB was able to offer a solution based on techncially advanced, high-end components, in line with the Client's project investment budget and high technical requirements.

The compressing skids will be delivered with electrical motors and Variable Frequency Drives to maximize operating efficiency. Most of the electrical equipment (motors, VFDs, transformer and other) have been manufactured by ABB.

ABB has delivered a total solution: from detailed design, through procurement, packaging, delivery, assembly on site, to testing and commissioning.

Main data

 Customer:  PGNiG SA
 Site:  Husów, Poland
Customer need:  Highly efficient and reliable compressors with optimized investment and maintenance cost
Scope:  Two complete 215 kilowatt gas compressor packages
Application:  Onshore
Customer benefits:
- Production efficiency
- Reduced complete lifecycle costs
- High availability
Commissioning year: 2016 (planned)
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