Process Hazard Review (PHR) to reduce safety risks

ABB saves client time and resources by providing a tailored PHR to reduce safety risks.

PHR was the chosen technique for an overall safety review of a large natural gas and condensate separation and treatment terminal in Europe.

The site comprised ten processing and separation units taking gas / condensate from three separate sub-ocean gas gathering pipelines. The units were of various ages from two to twenty years old. In addition, the site had condensate storage and loading facilities and a full spectrum of utility and support services. The site covered an area of about 18 Ha.

Services provided

Process Hazard Review (PHR) is a novel process developed by ABB Consulting, based on the proven Hazard Study Methodology. It is entirely flexible in application and captures and capitalises on real experience.

Checklists and guide diagrams were used to identify credible loss of containment or release of energy scenarios, to understand the consequences and assess the need for remedial measures. The process took in account real operational experience, including any variations from design
intent. A report was presented on the findings to allow the client to implement any necessary changes to reduce risk.

The PHR followed ABB’s 3 steps to managing risks approach. The approach states that any potential risks should be identified, then options to reduce them defined and finally cost effective, pragmatic solutions should be implemented. This proven approach provides peace of mind that any possible risks have been reduced to as low as reasonably practicable.

Main data

Customer:  Natural gas and condensate separation and treatment terminal
Site:  Europe
Customer need:  Reduce safety risks
Scope:  Provide a tailored PHR
Application:  Natural Gas
Customer benefits:
Saved at least five times the manhours and costs
Met regulatory obligations
Commissioning year: 2012
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