BASF rotating machine digital service

ABB Ability™ technology to transform its rotating equipment into intelligent machinery and improve uptime and reliability

Customer’s situation

The German chemical company BASF has a large number of non-critical low voltage motors and pumps that are inspected manually during routine maintenance. However, this does not provide sufficient online information about the current state of degradation or about potential failures.

Fleet management for rotating machines has been identified by BASF as a co-creation initiative which will help to further enhance overall plant availability, reliability and efficiency.

ABB’s solution

ABB is working on providing an end-to-end solution that goes from wireless sensors up to advanced analytics and an enterprise dashboard for a fleet of rotating assets. The solution aims to run complex fleet diagnostic algorithms to improve the overall fleet operation.


BASF has implemented ABB's wireless sensors at assets of pumps and motors.

By this, it can easily gauge the status of each component in the plant using analytic algorithms running on ABB Ability platforms. This in turn gives the customer enough information to monitor the equipment and to identify upcoming problems in the machine. This supports BASF operations to improve maintenance by detecting fault before failure, thereby offering an alternative solution to improve predictive Maintenance. 

Main data

Customer:  BASF
Site:  Ludwigshafen
Customer need:  Improved visibility of standard rotating equipment and means to predict potential failures 
Scope:  Providing a solution to diagnose and predict the health of a fleet of rotating machinery
Application:  ABB Rotating Machines Digital Services
Customer benefits:
Visualizing the health of all assets and learning what is going to fail and when it is going to fail. This allows to improve the maintenance strategy, moving from corrective to predictive.
Commissioning year: 2018

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