Deep dive audit

A holistic view of Jotun’s Process Safety Management (PSM) system.

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Jotun Paints, in the UK provides protective coatings for the offshore and industrial sectors, marine coatings, cathodic protection, and decorative paints.  

Jotun identified the need for an independent view of PSM at their Flixborough plant. They wanted assurance that:
  • Their assets were being managed appropriately in the context of the process safety risks on site
  • They had appropriate process safety competency and resources
  • They understood and had documented their process safety risks on site

Services provided

ABB Consulting carried out a deep dive audit to make an assessment of the PSM system in place to ensure it was appropriate for the risks on site.

ABB's deep dive audit methodology establishes answers to following key questions:

  • Are the key process safety risks on site understood and documented?
  • Does the site have the appropriate process safety competence and understanding to manage them?
  • Is management taking the right action to control and reduce process risk?
  • Are the assets of the facility being appropriately managed in the context of the corresponding process safety risks?

This was achieved by firstly carrying out visual overview inspections of the site. Then a number of significant hazard scenarios were identified and an assessment carried out to ensure the safeguards installed were effective, in place and maintained correctly. The hazard scenarios selected  covered a wide range of safeguards to give a complete view. We used a collaborative approach in the assessment of the safeguards to ensure that learning was passed onto the site team.

Throughout the project we worked in an open manner, addressing issues as they came up. This allowed for a final feedback session that had 'no surprises'. Enabling it to be a more of an interactive discussion on what needed to be done, rather than just what was wrong, to give the site a roadmap for improvement.

Main data

Customer:  Jotun Paints (Europe) Ltd.
Site:  Flixborough, Lincolnshire, UK 
Customer need:  Deep dive audit
Scope:  Deep dive audit to make an assessment of the PSM system in place to ensure it was appropriate for the risks on site
Application:  Protective coatings 
Customer benefits:
Reduced risk of incidents or loss of production
Commissioning year: 2014

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