Upgrading of Gabriel Passos refinery

Petrobras' largest petrol and diesel plant is modernized

The Gabriel Passos refinery in Belo Horizonte is already one of Petrobras’ largest oil and gas processing plants, covering 12.8 km2 with a daily throughput of 24,000 m3. Now ABB is helping to upgrade its systems and improve its performance still further.

The contract involves the modernization of the plant’s hydrotreatment to improve efficiency and reduce costs. With a smarter automation and optimization systems, and more compact and powerful equipment, the upgraded refinery is able to do more with less, and to do it with greater reliability.

This project started in the end of 2013 and was finished in March 2014, and despite being carried out in the midst of a working refinery, there was no slowing of production.

The speed and effectiveness with which this contract was fulfilled demonstrates that ABB has the equipment and the project management expertise to carry out large and complex projects. And the successful implementation of the new processes shows that we offer the support and after sales service that ensure those projects achieve what the customer wanted.

Main data



 Site:  The Gabriel Passos refinery (Regap)
Customer need: 

Process optimization and reconfiguration


The automation and upgrading of a range of refinery systems

Application:  Refinery process
Customer benefits:

Increased output and reduced costs
Reduced downtime

Commissioning year: 2015

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