ABB delivers production system to Indonesia’s biggest blending plant

Cellier Activity of ABB France has supplied Pertamina Lubricants with equipment and control software for 270 million liter Jakarta factory

ABB has completed a contract to provide an oil blending system at the Pelumas plant, Indonesia’s largest factory for automotive and industrial lubricants. The work was carried out by Cellier Activity, part of ABB France, for PT Krakatau Engineering, which acted as the scheme’s turnkey contractor.

The end client for the work is PT Pertamina Lubricants, a global leader in the automotive and industrial oil market and the official supplier to Italian luxury car-maker Automobile Lamborghini. The plant is located in Tanjung Priok, which is the coastal district of northern Jakarta.

Cellier delivered a 30 tonne automatic batch blender, a simultaneous metering blender with an output of 40 cubic meters an hour and an in-line blender with an output of 85 cubic meters an hour. Control was carried out using ABB’s patented Lubcel™ system, which automates the entire production process and integrates it with the client’s enterprise resource planning software so as to meet just-in-time delivery requirements.

The overall aim was to install equipment that was powerful enough to meet Pertamina’s output targets, and had the fine control required to produce a wide range of blends, thereby helping it to gain market share in the fast-growing ASEAN region.

This plant, which was successfully commissioned in 2015, follows on from a similar project Cellier carried out for Pertamina in November 2008 at its Gresik blending plant in Surabaya, Java, which had a capacity of 135 million liters of a year, exactly half of Pelumas’.

Main data

Customer:  PT Pertamina Lubricants
Site:  The Pelumas Plants in the Tanjung Priok district of northern Jakarta
Customer need:  A fully automated, customizable lubrication oil blending plant with a production capacity of 270 million liters a year 
Scope:  The design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the blending equipment, along with after-sales services 
Application:  Industrial lubricants
Customer benefits:

A plant that is able to combine the production of bespoke formulae using automatic batch blending technology with high output from in-line blenders. Thanks to ABB’s industrial automation and Lubcel™ control system, this delivered a combination of accuracy, flexibility and low cost.

Commissioning year: 2015
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