Term services agreement

ABB expertise supports UK oil terminal operations projects.

The operators oil terminal has been in operation since 1975; the facility is a crude oil reception, processing, storage and transhipment installation. Crude oil from the Judy Platform and Greater Ekofisk Area fields are delivered to the terminal via a 48” line from the North Sea.

Since 2007, ABB has provided engineering term services for the UK oil terminal, using an experienced team and building a long term partnership, delivering engineering support projects. The engineering disciplines covered include:

  • Process engineering; control electrical, civil, structural, piping, fired equipment
  • Asset life support
  • Machine support
  • Specialist consultancy services
  • Site based construction services
  • Project management
  • HAZOP leaders
  • Process safety

ABBs term service contract with the operator entailed a significant and varied portfolio of work when the contract came into force in 2007. 

The variety and diverse nature of the work provided ABB with the opportunity to demonstrate our capability in meeting the most challenging demands of this type of contract. Throughout the contract continously improved the services we provided. 

As part of this improvement process ABB engaged with the operator to introduce a workflow (see overleaf) that proved ideally suited to this type of contract, The workflow improves relationships and makes the process of initiating and completing projects both simple and effective. By its very nature the agreed workflow makes the service contract operate in a more efficient manner, benefitting both the operator and ABB.

Part of the agreed project workflow process was to complete a project quality scorecard at the end of each project. The scorecards provided the opportunity to feedback directly about ABB’s performance for each project; this allowed us to identify areas for improvements to implement into further projects and also continue to build a positive partnership. ABB received some very positive comments, including:

  • The thorough review was beyond expectations
  • Very good solution, well worked
  • Significant contribution given to the technical aspect of the job due to engineers specific expertise in the subject matter
  • Responded very quickly due to urgency
  • Fast track design required and achieved
  • Under budget
  • Original scope grew, but in that, important lessons /findings were unearthed

Flexibility, responsiveness and expertise
By setting up a dedicated team, focussing purely on term services, ABB provided a flexible and highly responsive service. ABB provided the additional benefit of being able to call on ABB specialists to meet all needs without reliance on sub-contractors. 

HSE performance
Exceptional health and safety performance is a key area of concern; their operation is a top tier COMAH site. The operator presented ABB with an award for our contribution and commitment to helping them achieve zero recordable injuries in 2012. Working onsite and being integrated into their engineering team with an aligned safety culture has allowed us to make a positive contribution to their safety performance.

Main data

Customer:  Major Oil Terminal
Site:  UK
Customer need:  Term service contract for a significant and varied portfolio of work
Scope:  Providing engineering term services 
Application:  Oil and Gas
Customer benefits:
Over 90% of jobs delivered on time to agreed timescale
More than 70% of jobs delivered to agreed budget
Projects carried out in a safe manner
Delivered year on year improvement
Commissioning year: 2014
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