Digital Starter Kit with ABB Ability™ EdgeInsight™

Unleash real-time data from your OT environment

With all of the possibilities of technology today, where do you begin to realize the full potential of digitalization? At the edge is where data is generated, and capturing the data you need with the quality you need is a natural first step in the digital journey.

ABB Ability™ EdgeInsight
collects data from devices, gateways, and equipment in the OT environment and distributes the data securely so you can visualize, analyze and predict operations across your assets easy and efficient.

The user-centric, flexible dashboards help you turn this valuable information into actionable insights by offering highly customized visuals, accessible from anywhere, anytime and any device. Combined with our design experts, all focus is on satisfying both the end user and operational demands for more uptime, reduced carbon footprint, increased efficiency and optimized maintenance.

Your digital transformation starts with data. So bring your data together quickly with ABB Ability EdgeInsight.

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