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Automation & Safety systems

Is a lack of automation holding you back from generating maximum production from your existing assets?

As a proven leader in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries, ABB can help you introduce automation across a range of operations and to maximise the value from your assets . By integrating systems and applications you can  ensure all your key colleagues and systems  are working as one flexible and collaborative team. Automation can also enhance safety in the process and  working environment, and optimise operations  to deliver maximum customer value. 

Distributed Control Systems enable plant entities, departments and personnel to work as one team.

Safety Systems help you ensure people, plants and equipment stay working safely.

Advanced Process Control could introduce higher levels of throughput and reduce disturbances. 

Terminal Management Systems cover any kind of application in a terminal storage market to integrate your operations. 

Maximise your SCADA investment with a standard control methodology to optimise operations.

TUV accredited Functional Safety Management System.

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