ABB Corporate Technology Centre

An innovation centre in the centre of Kraków

We develop technologies that matter

Our teams of researchers, engineers and programmers develop technologies which impact the lives of millions of people – they change how we travel, save us energy, manufacture things, and affect the kind of living spaces we create. We want to fully realise the potential of digital solutions, while at the same time reducing their negative impact on the environment.

Every day we implement ideas which pave the way for new products and services, for industry and smart cities. We develop and advance ABB technologies to help our clients operate better, more efficiently and with respect for natural resources.

We combine innovative ideas with business

If one wants to innovate, one must be willing to constantly change. We have been improving our solutions for more than 20 years, but we still retain our start-up nature. We work closely with businesses and clients. This means that we have tangible impact on how ABB products and services are created and developed. It was our research that led to such breakthroughs as electric vehicle chargers, including those used by Formula E cars, smart sensors which transform analogue machines into digital devices, as well as systems for remotely monitoring ocean-going ships.

And that is not all, as new ideas and actions that bring us closer to a zero-emission world are the main focus of our everyday work. Our goal is for smart and sustainable electrification to become the standard in the industry, construction, infrastructure and transportation. We pursue this vision of the future by tapping the potential offered by digital energy management.

Meet the team!

Our offices and laboratories are located in Kraków and Łódź, which is where you can find us every day. We organise regular events and initiatives as opportunities for you to get to know us better. We like to share our knowledge and learn from the best, which is why we work closely with the Polish and European scientific communities, as well as start-ups and technology partners.

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