Areas of activities

Imagine factories where the machines communicate with each other, are monitored remotely, are integrated into the cloud and save energy and resources, where robots work alongside humans and are able to operate autonomously. Around them stretch green and comfortable cities where you can freely move around in your electric vehicle, with smart buildings automatically adapting to your needs.

By taking part in the Industry 4.0 digital revolution, we bring the world closer to this vision with each passing day. Our engineers, researchers and programmers develop ground-breaking technologies in such areas as industrial automation, electrification and drive systems.

Thanks to our interdisciplinary competencies, we are able to approach projects from a comprehensive perspective: from the tiniest screw to the largest mechanical and electronic elements, the design, software and connection of the device to the ABB Ability™ digital platform.

Our research and development projects result in products and services that enable our clients and partners to operate more efficiently, economically and ecologically. This is how we shape the future of the technologies that matter.
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