Automation for stacking cranes

High stacking density and productivity are crucial for yard operations. Currently more than 1 000 stacking cranes equipped with automation from ABB lift and stack containers in more than 30 terminals worldwide, in end-loaded and cantilever arrangements.

When the speed and volumes are geared up at the quay, the container blocks in the yard get longer and wider, and need to accommodate more containers than before. Just upholding block productivity requires faster, larger and more advanced yard equipment. Under these circumstances a fleet of coordinated automatic stacking cranes offer superior flexibility and capacity to serve the quay and landside operations.

Stacking cranes equipped with ABB’s Intelligent automation are able to respond to varying seaside and landside volumes and ensure timely delivery of containers for quay and rail terminal processes. With automatic stacking cranes the whole cycle from pick-up to set down of a container, including road truck handling, is fully automatic. Therefore, each remote operator can supervise a large number of cranes, and the automated cycle allows the operator to perform additional tasks simultaneously depending on the company policies.

Thus, automatic stacking cranes enable higher productivity, safety and energy savings in yard operations.

  • Suitable for both end-loaded and cantilever cranes
  • Automated handover to all types of vehicles
  • Capability to interface with various terminal operating systems (TOS)
  • Optimum path overlapping horizontal and vertical motion
  • Efficient land utilization through accurate and high density stacking also in demanding conditions
  • Optimization and coordination of container movements in the block
  • Automatic housekeeping based on time constraints and work orders from TOS

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