Crane simulator for operator training

ABB’s crane simulator offers a fast track to efficient and safe crane operations. It enables training of operators for both remote and cabin-based crane operation in an authentic environment – as close to real crane operation and realistic conditions as it is possible. Using simulator training means crane operators learn to operate container handling cranes efficiently in safe environment with no risk for accidents and damage to equipment or goods, also minimizing impact on production

ABB Crane simulator training offers:

  • Both cabin (STS, RMG, MHC, RTG) and remote operation (STS) training
  • Options for all types of STS cranes from basic to most advanced cranes
  • Simulation of manual and automatic operation
  • Graphics and dynamics possible to adapt to the actual terminal with regards to crane and spreader types, as well as terminal landscape and layout
  • Standard scenarios and trainer created scenarios
  • Simulation of multiple ships, vehicle and container types
  • Simulation of different conditions, for instance ship movements and weather conditions
  • Fully commissioned simulator for stand alone operations in office location, built into container to serve several locations, or designed for remote operations

Simulator training benefits:

  • Training can be conducted before new cranes are commissioned, significantly reducing the training needed with real cranes
  • Safe training environment with no risk for accidents and damage to equipment or goods
  • Real cranes can remain available for production during majority of operator training
  • Efficient means for pre-assessment of operator candidates when recruiting new operators

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