Technical data PCS6000 medium voltage wind turbine converter

Converter data

Converter type

Full power converter
3-level, 4Q, VSI-NPC, fuseless design

Generator power range

up to 12 MW


Liquid cooling with closed-loop cooling unit

Electrical data

Nominal converter voltage

3.3 kV

Generator-side voltage

0 to 3.4 kV

Grid-side voltage

0 to 3.4 kV

Nominal generator-side frequency

8 to 100 Hz
(other generator-side frequencies possible on request)

Grid-side frequency

50/60 Hz
Efficiency at converter's rated point approx. 98%
Generator-side du/dt  < 1.5 kV / µs 




Generator-side control

Pulse width modulation

Grid-side control

Optimized pulse pattern

Field bus interface  Profibus DP / DPV1, Profinet IO, Modbus TCP, EtherCat, CANopen
Ethernet  Service and maintenance access with software tool for Windows via installed IPC; VPN remote access ready 

Environmental limits

Ambient temperature

Operation -15 to +50 oC


0 to 1000 m

Coolant inlet temperature

Up to 50 oC

Degree of protection


Grid code compliance

Grid codes

Supports wind turbine to comply with the most stringent grid code requirements

Product compliance

Product markings


Quality assurance system

ISO 9001

Environmental system

ISO 14001

 Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.  

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