BORDLINE® M for coaches

Auxiliary converters and battery chargers

BORDLINE M static converter platform for coaches features a wide input voltage range, suitable for different country standards with traction power networks operating at all UIC catenary voltages and for multi-system solutions. The units are suitable for new vehicles and fleet refurbishment. Static converters from the BORDLINE M series are compact, rugged units designed for either roof, underfloor or onboard mounting. They come with all standard AC (variable and fix frequency) and DC outputs and are offered in all power ranges. Available with integrated battery charger or stand-alone. The product portfolio is completed with additional converters powered by different low voltage sources. 

Key product features

  • Electrically isolated, constant direct voltage for charging DC loads (e.g. batteries, lights, turn signals)
  • Sinusoidal three-phase voltage to supply AC loads (e.g. compressors, braking resistors, HVAC system, fans)
  • Compact, rugged units with splash-proofed casing
  • Special customized design, other input voltages and output power levels are available on request.

For head end power solutions in power cars, refer to BORDLINE® M for locomotives.

For further details, please refer to the data sheets in the download section.

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