ABB’s PCS100 Static Frequency Converter allows the interconnection of grid systems with varying frequencies, offering the ideal solution for plant relocation and testing facility applications.

Complete grid interconnection

Grid systems around the world don’t all operate at the same frequency. Whilst the majority of countries use a 50 Hz grid, around 25 percent of nations employ a 60 Hz system. The solution is to convert the grid supply frequency to match the requirements of the application, be it factory or test facility, to avoid the expensive recalibration or reconfiguration of your equipment. The PCS100 SFC is designed to match the most demanding industrial requirements with flexible inverter based technology allowing seamless connection. In industrial applications the innovative design maximizes power availability and delivers continuous clean power.

Minimize your operating and maintenance costs

Inside modern factories, space is at a premium. The PCS100 SFC has a small footprint that ensures it can be retrofitted into a small area, and it can even be installed into plant or maintenance rooms away from the load itself. The SFC is highly configurable for different size options from 125kVA up to 2MVA, even larger systems are possible as multiple units can be paralleled if required. Its modular design allows you to build up capacity as required, ensuring your capital is not tied up in under-utilized resource. The low mean time to repair ensures high reliability of power to your facility, reducing operating and maintenance costs.

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