SureWave Static Frequency Converters are commonly used to interconnect 50 Hz and 60 Hz systems.

The SureWave SFC combines ABB’s years of experience with market trends and knowledge, and has driven the need to create the next generation Static Frequency Converter – ABB’s SureWave SFC.

The new generation of Static Frequency Converter (SFC) allows the connection of 60 Hz powered equipment to a 50 Hz supply network and 50 Hz powered equipment to a 60 Hz supply network. 

Additionally, the SureWave SFC can stabilize the frequency and the voltage to allow the correct operation of sensitive equipment when the supply is not sufficiently regulated.

This can help the end-customer with potential savings around $1,400,000 USD over the lifetime of the product which is 15 years. As well as a reduction in C02 emissions by 351 tons - all when being compared to standard, less efficient Rotary Frequency Converter systems.

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