To address the high-power-consumption vessel segment ABB offers pre-engineered, high-end Shore-to-Ship Power solutions integrating ACS6080 Static Frequency Converter.

Allowing ultralarge vessels to plug in

To reduce emissions when a ship is at berth, port authorities often provide a shore-to-ship power link. Ultralarge container vessels can consume as much as 7.5 MVA and large cruise ships 20 MVA: supplying such power levels places high demands on port electrical infrastructure both in terms of capital outlay, equipment complexity, running costs and maintenance. Moreover, vessels can have a 50 Hz or 60 Hz onboard grid (the majority use 60 Hz), so the SFC must not only handle high power levels but also adapt the local grid frequency to that of each vessel.

State of the art high power static frequency conversion solution

The ACS6080 SFC integrated shore-to-ship power solution can provide the following core functions:

  • Static conversion of the 50/60 Hz three-phase port grid power to match the 60/50 Hz vessel network.
  • Full active and reactive power control of the vessel grid.
  • Load flow balance with parallel-connected frequency converter systems supplying the load-side distribution infrastructure.
  • Defined short-circuit current to allow downstream protection devices to operate.
  • Low harmonic performance grid side and vessel side

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