Industrial drive, ACS6080

High performance in critical applications with the all-compatible ACS6080 medium voltage drives

Industrial operations running demanding processes, such as those in the metals, mining and marine industries, require high performance motor control to enable plants to operate more efficiently, produce higher-quality output and increase profitability. The new ACS6080 drive delivers on these requirements by maintaining the same highly reliable hardware as its predecessor, the ACS6000, while offering the breakthrough MP3C control technology.

The all-compatible ACS6080 medium voltage drives range in power from five megawatt (MW) to 36 MW for applications in industrial operations along with many special applications. Like its predecessor, the ACS6080 is based on a modular design that enables it to be configured for single or multi-motor applications, and to be tailored to individual requirements. Extremely high levels of safety, both for people as well as equipment, are delivered via an arc-resistant design and certified functional safety features. 


  • Increased productivity due to new MP3C motor control
  • Flexible modular design for customized solutions, smooth integration and for use in single and multi-motor applications
  • Highest possible level of personnel safety
  • All-compatible user experience
  • High reliability due to proven design and low parts count
  • ABB AbilityTM services and possibility to connect the drive to the cloud
  • Constant network power factor across the whole speed range
    Industry-specific features
  • Power range from 5.0 to 36.0 MW

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