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Wind Retrofit

Refurbishment of stall- and pitch-controlled grid-tied wind turbines improves efficiency, reliability and grid code compliance and extends the lifetime of the wind turbines

Old wind turbine technologies don’t allow for maximum power generation. Well-engineered and optimized power conversion and control systems are essential for maximum production and power quality.

ABB retrofits stall- and pitch-controlled wind turbines to full power (variable-speed), thereby improving the efficiency, reliability and grid code compliance of aging wind turbines. The lifetime of the turbines can be extended significantly.

Advantages of full power (variable-speed) wind turbines

  • Significant increase in annual production (kWh)
  • Increased grid code compliance and penalty avoidance
  • Enables variable full speed range
  • Full reactive power production
  • Reduced mechanical shock on the turbine during grid faults

ABB’s scope

  • Analysis, consulting, engineering, design and field commissioning
  • Replacement of existing electrical components (capacitor banks, soft starter, etc.) with full power converter
  • Complete generator overhaul and winding insulation resistance measurement
  • Verification of full power converter combined with generator
  • Integration of the converter in the turbine control system
  • Full load testing for combined full power converter and generator
  • Remote monitoring
  • Optional: Condition Monitoring System (CMS)
  • Optional: Web-SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System)

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