UNO-2.0-I-W, UNO-2.5-I-W

Notice: This product is no longer available for sale*

UNO-I-W, the smallest wind inverter by ABB, is the right size for micro wind turbine installations. The high speed and precise power curve tracking algorithm allows to best match the power curve of each turbine.

Efficiency of up to 96.3%

The UNO-I-W features an efficiency of 96.3 percent including an isolation transformer. It has power curve customization with high granularity, up to 16-point, for high production yield.

The inverter has new features including a special built-in heat sink compartment and front panel display system. It is a sealed unit to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

UNO-I-W is compatible with ABB's 7200-WIND-INTERFACE.


  • Single phase output
  • Power curve customization
  • High frequency isolated technology
  • Field-selectable grid standard settings
  • Extra-quiet high-frequency transformer
  • Flexible data monitoring options to view inverter performance

*Product in classic phase of life cycle

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