PVI-Wind Interface 4000 & 7200

The 4000/7200-WIND-INTERFACE rectifies and filters the alternating current, thus producing a direct current output to feed ABB's small wind turbine inverters. This device is suitable for turbines that produce 20 A current maximum.

The 4000/7200-WIND-INTERFACE has the possibility to drive an external diversion load resistor (opt.) that can help the turbine in case of high wind or missing grid.

Efficiency of up to 99.4%

The 4000/7200-WIND-INTERFACE has an efficiency up to 99.4 percent and is compatible with all ABB small wind turbine single-phase inverters.

It is a sealed unit to withstand harsh environmental conditions.


  • Three-phase passive rectification
  • Fused three-phase input
  • Automatic diversion load activation at 530 V

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