Rectifiers for electrowinning processes - copper, zinc and other non-ferrous metals

ABB DC power supply to minimize overall capital costs and maximize productivity

The primary goal of any electrowinning plant operator is to minimize overall capital costs and maximize productivity and revenue. In addition, maximum efficiency and reliability as well as trouble-free integration into the overall power system with minimum maintenance requirements under extreme environmental conditions are key requirements in the extraction and refining of copper, zinc and other nonferrous metals.

That is why ABB offers an integrated system of DC power supplies for electrowinning processes that provide an unrivalled low life cycle cost to give you technical performance that boosts productivity and allows a high return on investment on your plant.

DC power from ABB - reliable, efficient and robust

The electrowinning industry is characterized by extraction plants located in some of the world’s most remote and inaccessible regions and facing some of the most difficult and extreme climatic conditions. Extreme heat or cold, dust, earthquakes and high altitudes do not allow any compromise on the ruggedness and reliability of the equipment.

Therefore you need equipment you can absolutely trust. Although the investment for the DC power supply is minor compared to the total plant cost, a loss of power results in tremendous loss in production. For maximum availability and highest productivity, you want to rely on a robust, reliable and efficient power supply. As a leading worldwide supplier of rectifiers, ABB has the experience and technological expertise to fulfill your demanding requirements.


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