Rectifiers for graphite electrode plants

DC power supplies for graphite electrode plants

ABB’s high current rectifier product family gives nearly unlimited current and voltage possibilities and meets almost all plant specific requirements. These products are characterized by exceptional reliability, optimum design, easy accessibility, minimum maintenance and low losses.

The graphitisation process demands a large variation of voltage and current from the DC power supply. The DC power supply should provide the constant power to the furnace irrespective of changing process resistance.

ABB has the long experience and expertise in delivering a maximum power density power supply unit for the given minimum space at the graphitisation furnace shop. ABB can also deliver mobile rectifier systems (on rails) from the incoming AC pantographs to DC disconnector to feed the several LWG furnace lines. The power supply train is designed to withstand the harsh industrial environment such as carbon dust and extreme temperatures being close to furnace. Special care is taken to ensure higher system efficiency and lower impact on the power quality.   

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