Medium Current Rectifiers (MCR) - MCR1000

The water-cooled MCR1000 is especially developed for the electrochemical and electrowinning industry. It represents reliable technology, including significant features to provide customers with maximum benefits.

The centerpiece of the MCR1000 is a specially designed selfsupporting heat sink profile with integrated water channels for most effective cooling. Besides the function as a DC current conductor, it also acts as a mechanical support and mounting area for the semiconductor clamping sets, the over-voltage protection and the thyristor gate firing electronics. The integrated water channels are routed to minimize extensive outside hose connections. All semiconductors and fuses are cooled on both sides by high efficient cooling boxes and the heat sink profile. The MCR1000’s modularity and simplicity makes it highly scalable, with high availability and easy maintenance.

With a wide selection of semiconductors available for three to four inch diameter, MCR1000 has the flexibility to meet specific customer ratings.

An external semiconductor protection ring also used in ABB's high current rectifiers (HCR), is integrated within the MCR1000, to prevent flashoversfrom failing semiconductors.

Customer value

High reliability

  • Minimized number of components
  • High EMC immunity by optical transmission of gate pulse for thyristors
  • Long-term stable contact surface for semiconductors, fuses and bolted connections by nickel plating
  • Minimum amount of bolted connections
  • Reduced mechanical forces on fuses by ultra-flexible connections between fuses and semiconductors
  • Solid mechanical structure

High level of protection

  • Integrated RC snubber
  • Verification tests of semiconductor fuse performance
  • Effective, fully integrated and separately fused overvoltage and surge protection

High level of safety  

  • ABB’s unique semiconductor protection ring
  • Mechanical separation of positive and negative DC potential

Low maintenance

  • Minimum amount of cooling hoses by integrated manifolds and water channels
  • Preloaded clamping yoke with true force indicator

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