MEGATROL Cross Start (CS) 

MEGATROL CS is a powerful solution for the inter-unit communication used for cross start in gas turbine and combined cycle power plants

Up to six generators with their related Static Excitation System (SES) and three Static Frequency Converters (SFC) are connected together via Start-up Selection Boards (SSB). MEGATROL CS is able to automatically control the SSB disconnectors, select an available SFC for start-up and support all required communication channels during start-up. The selection of the SFC can be preconfigured manually.  

Main advantages of MEGATROL CS

Economic solution with a minimum of required cross connections:

1. High reliability through a self-organizing network with distributed intelligence,
2. Easy scalable solution,
3. Network self-heals automatically after the replacement of defective device,
4. MEGATROL medium range (typically used for gas turbines < 200 MW).

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