MEGATROL - the power package for gas turbine start-up and generator excitation


The combined starting and excitation system is designed to ensure fast and reliable starts of gas turbines or any synchronous machine - everytime, everywhere

It is particularly suitable for gas turbine, combined cycle and pumped storage power plants as well as synchronous condenser stations. MEGATROL is a smart and ultra compact solution that combines UNITROL®  Static Excitation System (SES) and MEGADRIVE-LCI Static Frequency Converter (SFC). 

Thanks to the smart cross start feature, MEGATROL allows you to start gas turbines of any size whenever you want, including the peak hours when the power supply is crucial. The use of ABB's powerful AC 800PEC controler for both systems results in fewer costs for spare parts and training of maintenance staff for the customer. The merged functionality of MEGATROL enables a compact mechanical design with the possibility to place the equipment in one container. 

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