The powerful commissioning and maintenance tool for the UNITROL 1000 family

The CMT1000 is a powerful commissioning and maintenance tool for UNITROL 1000 excitation systems. Some of the features of the complete tool are:

  • Configuration and visualization of all parameters
  • Regulation tuning and optimization of PID and limiters
  • Intuitive and graphical monitoring of measurements, machine status, limiters and alarms
  • Complete built-in oscilloscope function for trending and recording of the machine behavior
  • Retrieval function of data- and event-logger files
  • Tools for testing and troubleshooting of the communication interfaces (MODBUS, RS485 and others)
  • Control software firmware upgrading

UNITROL 1000 e-learning

UNITROL 1000 e-learning is an interactive and self-study training program available upon request. It provides you with in-depth knowledge on excitation basic concepts and commissioning and operation procedures for UNITROL 1000 modules.

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