EV charging management from ABB: fast, flexible, and sustainably efficient

With our Smart EV Charging solution we provide the answer to the question of how the power supply to charging stations can be managed optimally - or how charging processes can be perfectly tailored to your needs.  The system is ready to use, flexible - and helps you to map your e-mobility charging infrastructure securely across all locations and manage it efficiently.

The intelligent charging management reduces peak loads and operates to balance the demand  with the availability and cost of power. Integrate and prioritize local or remote power generation assets to capitalize on the renewables while ensuring a reliable supply of power.

Our intelligent and cloud-based charging management system ABB OPTIMAX® Cloud for Smart Charging enables a higher utilization and availability of chargers at a single station or a nationwide fleet.

Whether fast charging, wallbox or on-demand charging systems: Find the right management solution for your charger infrastructure

Would you like to always control and monitor the power consumption of all your charging stations? We can help you with OPTIMAX® Cloud for Smart Charging.

The cloud-based solution optimizes e-mobility charging infrastructure at your location quickly and efficiently. Your advantage? A flexible, secure and scalable solution that can be used immediately.

Connect different chargers and balance the energy consumption of each individual charger based on prioritization or source of energy. Additional features enable prioritization of local production from renewables and battery storage optimization.

How can OPTIMAX® for Smart Charging help you?

Give it a try: Drag one or more icons on the Landscape to illustrate your situation in the company. Then see how external influences such as weather affect the current charging infrastructure.

What next? Activate ABB OPTIMAX® for Smart Charging. Simply drag the icon on your landscape - and be pleasantly surprised!


Highlights ABB Optimax smart charging

There are plenty good reasons to rely on ABB's smart EV charging solution now. You can find some of them right here: 

Intelligent charging management

  • Maximum availability with optimal use
    of Chargers
  • Setting charging priorities
  • Avoiding peak loads
  • Prioritize own production

Open standards

  • High flexibility and full scalability
  • Easy integration of different chargers,
    locations and energy providers 

Full control 

  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting
  • Automatic monitoring and control of all energy flows
  • Limiting energy costs

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Low initial investment thanks
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-based deployment 

Expandable to Site EMS

Easy integration of PV systems, battery storage
and cogeneration plant to any point in time

Personal service

We offer real service:
consulting, analyses, installation, expansion, remote service, workshops, training and much more

This is OPTIMAX® Cloud for Smart Charging

The scalable energy management solution OPTIMAX® Cloud for Smart Charging leads to an efficient use of the charging infrastructure regardless of location and size - electrifying charging hubs as well as for branch offices or companies. Our solution is customizable, fully scalable, and adaptable to international electricity grids and energy markets. Would you like more information about OPTIMAX® Cloud for Smart Charging? Then download the factsheet now and contact us
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