The foundation to achieving operational excellence sooner is effective digital solutions

Energy Industries are experiencing unprecedented shifts ranging from more stringent regulatory requirements, quickly evolving technologies, increased competitive pressures, and dynamic markets. All on top of the traditional operational hurdles related to margin pressures, talent scarcity and maximizing return on asset performance.

Disjointed, inefficient and/or reactive, document driven processes that have been in place for decades cannot provide organizations with the accurate, timely and complete information required to address these pressures and achieve operational excellence today and into the future.

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Ineffective digital solutions pose significant risks to energy industry organizations:

Costlier maintenance

Incomplete visibility into equipment condition leads to costly reactive maintenance

Unplanned downtime

Equipment and process malfunctions that interrupt operations cost industry billions of dollars each year

Inefficient operations

Equipment-related production interruptions and lack of automation reduce output and profitability

Unsustainable practices

Lagging adaptation to new energy sources and emissions standards can result in costly taxes and penalties

Security vulnerabilities

As critical infrastructure, energy producers and distributors need the highest possible levels of cyber security to manage risks

A comprehensive approach to digital can help energy providers mitigate these risks and set the stage for more efficient, productive, sustainable and secure operations. ABB Digital for Energy Industries provides the solutions and deep domain expertise your organization needs.

Introducing ABB Digital for Energy Industries

ABB Digital is a suite of pragmatic, integrated industrial software applications and solutions that help energy industry firms achieve operational excellence sooner.

ABB Digital Asset Performance Management digital solutions improve industrial asset performance, reliability, risk management, and overall business profitability.

ABB Digital Process Performance Management closes the gap between design and operational performance to improve overall yield and quality, reduce costs, and increase process safety.

ABB Digital Operational Excellence boosts performance and responsiveness by streamlining operations and leveraging technology for continuous improvement.

ABB Digital Sustainability solutions reduce your carbon footprint and help you achieve sustainability objectives.

ABB Digital Cyber Security offers solutions that increase uptime, protect assets, and keep platforms and personnel safe.

With ABB as your partner on the digital transformation journey, your organization can maximize return on asset investments, make better informed decisions, gain clearer visibility into operations and become more agile in response to changing market forces.

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