Industrial cyber security is about managing risk

Effective cyber security is focused on managing risk by reducing the likelihood of an event occurring. And as someone responsible for helping keep your organization secure, you uniquely understand what you’re up against:

  • 350,000 new malicious programs are detected daily, adding to the 1.2 billion pieces of malware we already know about.

  • Roughly 81% of CISOs in the Energy Sector have seen a clear rise in attacks over the past 12 months.

Our most popular solutions

The cost to your business of not addressing increasing cyber security threats grows by the day:

Safety risks

Cyber attacks on industrial and manufacturing systems put workers at risk of serious injury and death.

Environmental damage

Cyber attacks on industrial plants risk releasing hazardous materials into the surrounding environment.

Production losses

Not addressing cyber security increases the risk of production stops resulting in lost production.

Regulatory fines

Failure to meet international and national standards for cyber security often leads to fines and sanctions from regulating bodies.


To help manage your cyber security risks, you need ABB Ability™ Cyber Security, an end-to-end industrial cyber security portfolio that reduces the likelihood and impact of a cyber incident.

Introducing ABB Ability™ Cyber Security

Consultancy, technology, and services that reduce cyber risks before they harm your business.

The ABB Ability™ Cyber Security portfolio reduces cyber risks by implementing security controls with a defensible architecture enabling customers to identify and address cyber threats before they create harm.


Address threats before they cause harm

ABB cyber security consultants help customers assess their security risk and plan appropriate improvements. Improvements may include elements from our portfolio of cyber security solutions or custom-designed solutions that best meet your specific needs. 


Deploy ABB-validated industrial cyber security technology that protects your people, assets and data.

We offer a complete portfolio of advanced cyber security solutions developed for industrial systems. Leveraging a complementary suite of ABB-engineered solutions and products from our partner ecosystem, we ensure all offerings seamlessly integrate to drive cyber security resiliency.



Stay secure while minimizing risks to production

ABB provides a range of cyber security services to help you stay secure and minimize the risk to your production. ABB can augment your security team to maintain your security posture, monitor your system, and respond to incidents.

  • Security controls maintenance
  • Security event monitoring
  • Incident response

ABB's Risk Reduction Roadmap

We have a complete portfolio of offerings that help our customers manage OT cyber security risks.



ABB has a unique combination of people, processes and technologies to help ensure customers achieve cyber security objectives.


Experienced DCS engineers and industrial cyber experts across +50 countries


Over 100 years of industrial experience and +30 years of cyber know-how


To support +35K DCS systems installed worldwide throughout their lifecycle


ABB is a pioneer and thought leader in industrial cyber security. We offer many resources to help you understand cyber security, discover your vulnerability level, take preventive steps to protect IT and OT assets, and mitigate cyber threats.


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