ABB Ability Cyber Security Workplace: Security simplified

Solve your top security challenges

Cyber Security Workplace (CSWP) provides a complete picture of your security operations. This allows you to identify and remediate cyber risks quickly.

  • Increase cyber resilience
    Ensure process uptime by unifying your defenses and cut mean time to risk recognition and response.

  • Lower costs and improve security management efficiency
    Consolidate tools, automate manual processes, and discover the root cause of risks with one click.

  • Make managing security simple
    Simplify investigations with automated risk root cause analysis and remediation suggestions.

One simplified platform for security operations

Shift from multiple siloed security tools to Cyber Security Workplace and take charge of your security program.

  • Manage security updates, malware protection, and system backups.
  • Set alarms and get notified when increased risk exists.
  • Risk root cause analysis and remediation playbooks to identify and neutralize risks to your production environment quickly.
  • Manage remote access by setting remote access time limits, temporary passwords, and audit history tracking.
  • Configurable reports to quickly show compliance.

How does it work

ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Workplace connects to implemented security controls, such as Microsoft WSUS or McAfee ePO, to gather pertinent information about the performance and status of those controls.

The collected data is transformed to easy-to-understand KPIs and presented to the user. The user can also interact with some of the controls to perform basic cyber security related tasks e.g. reboot a node.

The workplace fits into the Reference Architecture and can be integrated with the following control systems and security controls.

  • ABB Ability™ System 800xA, ABB Ability™ Symphony Plus
  • Microsoft WSUS, McAfee ePO, Symantec SEPM, Acronis Backup, and Quest Netvault

CSWP Communications

As an ABB AbilityTM Cyber Security Workplace user, you can download our newsletter to access the latest updates, news and tutorials to stay informed and enhance your system visibility and cyber security posture.

Tips and tricks

Cyber Security Workplace in industry

"We don't have a dedicated team for cyber security, so we need everyone to be part of keeping our systems secure. The Cyber Security Workplace makes that possible."  

“We always feared a cyber attack would cripple our mining operation one day. Cyber Security Workplace has given us the peace of mind of cyber security without stretching our teams too thin.”

Supported security controls

Security Control

ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Backup and Recovery

Security Control

ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Updates

Security Control

ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Malware Protection

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