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Yes, automation and digitalization increase productivity and quality. But they also put your organization at greater risk of cyber attacks. They increase your need for robust cyber security. The ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Services portfolio reduces cyber risks by implementing security controls with a defensible architecture, enabling you to identify and address cyber threats before they cause harm. 

ABB has deep experience delivering cyber security services for industrial automation in many industries to maximize production and minimize disruption. You can use our cyber security services only as and when you need them, or as an agreement where we manage your OT security on a set schedule. 



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Stay secure while minimizing risks to production

ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Services enable you to identify and address cyber threats before they harm your business. Our approach makes it easy for you to select the service level that meets your distinct needs.

ABB offers most of our products under a service contract to make it easier to protect your production and ensure that your security defenses are working as intended. Our industrial cyber engineers and experts install and service the solutions and, if you want to, maintain them over time. The level of engagement is tailored to fit your need independently if you want to maintain your cyber security yourself or if you wish to lean on our experience and expertise.  

Security Maintenance

A vital aspect of cyber security is maintaining the controls to ensure they are working well and protect your assets. ABB's industrial cyber engineers can augment your team to support the maintenance. Our cyber security workplace simplifies the work by monitoring the efficiency of the controls and alerting you when they need attention.

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