ABB bolsters Wien Energie’s cyber security defense

ABB’s new Cyber Security Event Monitoring Service is providing Austria’s largest regional energy service provider with insight into cyber threats and improved compliance.


Protecting digital and physical assets from cyber criminals is now a business imperative for ABB’s many thousands of customers around the globe.

Having pioneered the development of electrical and automation technologies and with many years of experience in OT security, ABB knows the type of cyber threats clients face and what needs to be done to mitigate this ever-evolving risk.

As the cyber threat risks evolve, so, too, do the solutions. In order to stay ahead of threats, ABB has invested heavily in R&D to continuously improve security offerings. ABB develops solutions that provide visibility across the entire OT environment. This approach frees companies from manual monitoring tasks and allows employees to focus on innovation and delivering real value to their customers.

ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Event Monitoring

ABB’s latest cyber security solution, ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Event Monitoring, enables clients to more effectively detect, prioritize and respond to malicious threats across their OT network, mitigating the impact of security incidents.

An industry first, ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Event Monitoring went live as a full-scale deployment in Austria. Wien Energie, a subsidiary of municipal utility Wiener Stadtwerke, supplies two million people with environmentally friendly power, cooling, heating, electromobility and telecommunications, and plans to invest heavily in expanding the use of renewables such as solar, wind and hydropower as well as in thermal waste recycling, in the decarbonization of heat, in digitization, security of supply and in the field of hydrogen applications.

As Austria’s largest regional energy service provider, Wien Energie wanted to improve the visibility of security events in its DCS systems and connected networks. By doing this, the company would, first and foremost, secure much-needed supplies to close to two million people, while also, ensuring compliance with international standard ISO27001 and provide additional resources for defense against potential cyberattacks.

ABB Event Monitoring with Network Anomaly Detection features out-of-the-box analytics, correlation rules and dashboards were used to address the customer’s most pressing security use cases. Helping its security team gain invaluable insights into the most critical threats to their database security, while integrating seamlessly with the existing setup and strategy for maximum operational efficiency.

Improved resilience and compliance

Thanks to the successful deployment of ABB’s Event Monitoring Service, Wien Energie is now able to detect advanced cyber security threats, orchestrate incident response and secure proprietary data.

Other notable benefits include the more efficient use of internal resources and increased resilience to cyberattacks.

“Leveraging the ABB monitoring service, we will be able to shore up the cyber security capabilities of our plants, detecting advanced threats and orchestrating incident response,” said Harald Weginger, group leader process control systems for Wien Energie. “We appreciated the good collaboration between our team and ABB experts to ensure a fast project development.”

ABB’s scope of work encompassed centralized security event monitoring, regular ISO27001 reports for audit preparation, and ongoing monitoring by industrial cyber security experts at its collaborative operations center, further evidence of the fruitful and intensive partnership between ABB and Wien Energie.

“Throughout this project, we will be able to support the customer to ensure safe, reliable and predictable operations of its assets, leveraging the best state-of-art technology,” commented Ben Dickinson, Global Product Line Leader for Cyber Security in ABB's Energy Industries.

Protect and serve

With years of experience helping customers protect critical control systems and other automation assets, ABB manages the OT environment with a mixture of people and technology, delivering rapid detection, classification, investigation, and response to alerts, backed by detailed reports including alert analysis, suggestions for upgrades and improvement, and return on investment (ROI).

By pushing the boundaries of technological innovation with solutions such as its Event Monitoring Service, ABB will continue to empower and support its customers during the lifecycle of their assets through our world-leading products and services, and expert operations such as cyber security.


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