The journey to sustainability

Companies in the energy sector are facing heightened pressures to reduce carbon emissions, harness the power of renewable energy, and minimize energy costs. The goal is achieving sustainability objectives—both environmental and economic—while maintaining environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings.

Forward-thinking manufacturers in the Energy sector uniquely realize that effective digital technologies are critical to uncovering the insights required to make well-informed decisions to advance towards achieving these objectives. Investors, regulators, consumers and employees are also increasingly demanding that Energy firms are as sustainable as possible.

ABB’s digital sustainability portfolio

ABB offers a suite of industry-specific digital solutions that help companies optimize, electrify and decarbonize, enabling their transition to a net-zero future.

Our complete portfolio of digital sustainability solutions enable customers to monitor, analyze, and control, and optimize energy usage in real-time. This enables customers to identify and prioritize inefficiencies in processes, reduce energy waste, and achieve sustainability objectives.

Industrial IoT reveals big opportunities for companies to reduce emissions, conserve resources and drive change.

How can we help

A holistic portfolio that improves operation of equipment, systems, and processes through enterprise scale machine learning and analytics.

A complete digital portfolio

With our portfolio of solutions for oil and gas firms, ABB helps businesses maximize their throughput while transitioning their business models and operations to take advantage of renewable energy sources and technologies.

By leveraging our proven software suite, we help customers prioritize safety measures, drive product throughput and energy efficiency with improved reliability, and enhance emergency preparedness to minimize the risk of accidents.

  • Enables a more-reliable and stable electricity supply to process industries
  • Gives operators better visibility and information
  • Drives optimal use of total power resources
  • Increases efficiency through energy management and optimization for energy, emissions, and processes
  • Control and optimize carbon emissions
  • Increases product throughput
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Reduces production costs by operating safely at the closest possible process constraint limits
  • Reduces the risk and number of unplanned shutdowns with realistic DCS simulation
  • Enhances safety while training operators
  • Improves safety by reducing risk of human error in plant operations
  • Supports alarm management activities throughout the full lifecycle of the plant
  • Scales based on industry standards and guidelines
  • Improves safety in any industrial process
  • Helps you develop optimum basis of safety
  • Ensures operational risks are managed
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement

Digital Sustainability Solutions for Industries:

Green Hydrogen
  • Reduce electrical life cycle cost by up to 20%
  • Increase efficiency through better utilization of real-time efficiency curves

Increase efficiencies and maximize the total value of energy created and used by strategically directing energy flows and assets.

We focus on both optimizing the cost of hydrogen while reducing the carbon footprint of your plant.

Petrochemicals and Refining
  • Reduce cost of steam by 3-5% and electricity by 7-10%
  • Reduce CAPEX with digital twins

Preserve resources, optimize operational efficiency, achieve sustainability goals, and increase your profitability.

Oil & Gas
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Increase product throughput
  • Increase energy efficiency

Meet emissions targets while making the energy transition.

Our solutions help plants improve operational flexibility while advancing environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability.

Power Generation
  • Lower costs by reducing primary fuel consumption
  • Maintain compliance by reducing emissions of CO2 and NoX

Improve operational flexibility, and leverage volatile energy prices.

With ABB’s technology and expertise, power-generation plants and fleets perform efficiently, reliably, continuously, and cost-effectively.

  • Identify up to 40% energy reduction potential or go directly net-zero
  • Reduce chemical usage by up to 10%

Increase operational efficiency while reducing costs, emissions, and chemical usage.

We enable better decision making, from the control room to the executive board room, for efficient operations and extended lifetime.

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