The challenge of variability

Operating an industrial facility or power plant is a challenge when you lack the ability to leverage variability in energy prices. Accurately forecasting consumption requirements to optimally use energy, and combining that consumption with electricity output to enable cost-effective electricity production, is also a challenge.

Then there are the challenges related to optimizing rates, loads and ratios. Are ramp rates fast enough, for example? Are base loads low enough? And are waste-to-energy ratios maximizing burn?

When it comes to maximizing production, reducing costs, lowering emissions and plenty more, what your plant needs is a suite of software tools that help you optimize energy production, sustainably, and profitably.

Need to make power production sustainable and profitable?

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ABB offers a full suite of digital solutions that help power- generation firms improve operational flexibility, and leverage volatile energy prices.

With ABB’s technology and expertise, power-generation plants and fleets perform efficiently, reliably, continuously, and cost-effectively.

A complete digital portfolio

Our proven software suite enables power plants to navigate the challenges of increased volatility in operations. Our solution creates better informed decision making and provides an automated, closed-loop system that effectively reduces base load and accelerates the start-up process.
  • Increases energy efficiency through energy management and optimization for energy, emissions, and processes
  • Coordinates control of multiple assets targeting energy efficiency and decarbonization
  • Reduces process variations
  • Increases throughput and reduce production costs by operating safely at the closest possible process constraint limits
  • Reduces the risk and number of unplanned shutdowns with realistic DCS simulation
  • Enhances safety while training operators
  • Simulates how nuclear plants will behave
  • Supports alarm manage- ment activities throughout the full lifecycle of the plant
  • Scalable software tool set based on industry standards and guidelines
  • Helps you develop optimum basis of safety
  • Ensures operational risks are managed
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement



Recover investment in less than 10 months


Lower costs by reducing primary fuel consumption


Maintain compliance by reducing emissions of CO2 and No

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