Process safety “lifecycle” management

Companies in high-hazard industries must ensure safe and efficient operations to protect employees, the environment, and financial performance. Digitalization provides the opportunity to improve how companies manage process safety while meeting requirements from global industry standards; enable collaboration, one way of working throughout your organization – over time.

ABB AbilitySafetyInsightis a digital approach to process safety management for high-hazard process industries. It digitalizes early Engineering Technology (ET) data to create the process safety digital twin, to which actual plant operations can be compared. Hence verifying the effectiveness of the safety system.

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ABB Ability™ SafetyInsight™ provides a unique approach to combining IT/OT/ET data.

SafetyInsight™ makes engineering data available in the operational phase, so that actual operating data can be captured and compared to engineering assumptions (closing the loop).

SafetyInsight™ enables reviews and optimization to improve safety, increase productivity, and reduce maintenance costs.

How it works

ABB Ability SafetyInsight integrates multiple modules to form a comprehensive, digital suite of applications.

Engineering Applications (HAZOP, LOPA and SIF-Design)

Efficient, intuitive recording and change management of hazard identification, risk assessments and optimum development of SIF designs providing a digital record of the basis of safety (i.e. the process safety digital twin). Minimize engineering effort when transitioning between lifecycle phases (Hazard Identification - HAZID and HAZOP, LOPA, SRS, SIF Design.

Management of Change capabilities enables re-assessments in the operational phase.

Monitoring Applications

SafetyInsight can gather real operational data from the control system (DCS) and external maintenance systems to verify “actual performance”.

Operational Risk Dashboard: Avoid operating at increased risk of major process safety incidents or

unplanned shutdowns. The dashboard aids decision support for Operational and Maintenance teams by presenting relevant data from the engineering applications in simple risk matrix and bow-tie diagram views. Option to add “real-time” OT bypass data to create a dynamic risk matrix showing the accumulative effect of multiple degraded barriers/protection layers.

Valve Verification: Supports deferral of maintenance associated with safety system valves, through the tracking and trending of all valve movements.

SIF Performance: Enables actual performance data to be captured and compared to the design assumptions as required by IEC61511 Ed 2.0. Collects instrument reliability data per equipment group, identifying any bad actors and provides an updated PFDavg for each SIF. Also collects actual demand data for comparison to design, enabling improvements to be identified and made.


Software supports initial engineering and optimization/ expansions in the operational phase:

  • LOPA
  • SIF-D


In the operational phase:

  • Reduces operational risk and testing requirements
  • Verify actual performance
  • Valve Verification

Greenfield and brownfield

  • In greenfield projects, get the benefits of efficient and consistent engineering.
  • For brownfield projects, unlock the value of your under-utilized basis of safety documents.


  • Cloud: the engineering applications are available as SaaS (software-as-a-Service)
  • Enable Collaboration with easy deployment and easy access


Maintain compliance and drive collaboration

Enhanced safety with greater visibility into design assumptions and effectiveness

Optimized maintenance costs

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