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Alarm systems should only generate an alarm when a plant condition requires awareness and action from an operator. Unfortunately, too many process control systems are not configured this way. Lack of alarm optimization leads to a high number of nuisance alarms, taking the operators’ attention away from what really matters: the process and managing operational risk.

AlarmInsight® is the cornerstone of alarm management.

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AlarmInsight® supports alarm management activities throughout the full lifecycle of the plant – from designing alarms to verification and optimization. It provides a scalable tool set based on industry standards like EEMUA 191, IEC 62682 and ISA 18.2.

AlarmInsight® is a natural extension to any process automation control system, helping companies comply with industry requirements while maintaining appropriate alarm rate levels, and helping operators focus on alarms that require attention.

How it works

  1. AlarmInsight-MonitorCreate and Benchmark your alarm KPI’s against the standards - Find bad actor alarms. Send to “to-do” list in AlarmInsight-Rationalize.
  2. AlarmInsight-Rationalize: Optimize (re-rationalize) alarms in AlarmInsight-Rationalize. Use rules for faster and consistent reviews. Create alarm response texts. Keep control with Management of Change and Approval capabilities. Be data driven: “IAM” historical alarm analytics integrated into the tool.

  3. AlarmInsight-Optimize (800xA only): Present Alarm response texts directly from the alarm lists in the 800xA HMI. Feed comments from the control room operators back into AlarmInsight-Rationalize for review and improvement of alarm response texts.
    Keep implementation in DCS synchronized with the master alarm database (AlarmInsight-Rationalize) with the Difference Report feature.


Automate alarm KPI’s and enable analytics based on the alarm & event history. Find top 10 nuisance alarms for reporting and as input for further optimization.

  • Event Explorer
  • KPI-Dashboards
  • KPI-Dashboards

Rationalize (ART)

AlarmInsight® Rationalize is both a master alarm database and a tool for alarm rationalization.
It supports both continuous optimization activities in the operational phase as well as initial rationalization in the engineering phase a plant.

  • Rationalize alarms
  • Optimize alarm settings and operator response texts throughout the lifecycle
  • Review audit trail of all changes

Optimize (for 800xA)

AlarmInsight-Optimize makes operating procedures available to control room operators, keep track of changes to alarm configuration (attributes) over time.

  • Alarmhelper
  • Alarm Change recorder


  • Ease of access enables collaboration and value creation
  • SaaS (cloud based deployment) is available for many of the features.


Increased uptime, predictability, and performance. Customer Ref. reduce alarm rates by 75%

Follow best practices for Safe and reliable operation of the plant

Make alarm management faster. Automate report generation. Use templates for rationalization (Customer ref: up to 65% of alarms)

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