The predictable challenge of unpredictability

Process manufacturers must continually optimize their processes to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and minimize energy consumption. However, doing this without complete visibility creates additional risks.

Introducing changes that have not been tested beforehand can cause unexpected equipment failure, compromise safety performance, hinder production, and more.

The answer is simulation.

ABB offers a suite of simulation solutions that reduce the risk and number of unplanned shutdowns, enhance safety, optimize productivity, and save energy.

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ABB Ability™ System 800xA Simulator provides a safe and realistic simulated environment where operators learn to master processes, thereby reducing risks and the number of unplanned shutdowns.

ABB Process Power Simulator (PPSim) enables industrial plants to conduct dynamic power-system simulations throughout the project lifecycle. This helps them select a viable concept, as well as guide further work.

ABB Ability™ System 800xA Simulator

ABB Ability System 800xA Simulator is scalable in system size, functionality, and control system connectivity, and is available in three editions: Basic, Premium and Professional.

Engineering and testing

Use standard engineering tools for design and configuration data transfer between simulator and real system. Verify / tune control logic before commissioning.

Operator training

Make operators familiar with the plant operation, start-up, shutdown, response on malfunc- tion, emergencies, and safety procedures prior to production start / modifications.

Plant optimization

Test software and application library updates, run “what if” engineering studies and verify control logic / process design modifications to improve productivity.


Migrate from 3rd party DCS system to ABB 800xA via offline simulation to test and verify changes, design the process, train operators on the new HMI and get their feedback.

ABB Process Power Simulator

ABB Process Power Simulator enables dynamic power-system simulations throughout the plant lifecycle. It lets plants make virtual mistakes (and achieve virtual successes) on their path to real success.

No-risk testing

Operate your system design before dividing system responsibilities and committing investments

Equipment visualization

Gain a holistic view of your complete system and its full operating range

Dynamic simulation

Perform fast iterations to assess multiple concepts, including operational strategy, technology and sizing options, and control strategies

Issue identification

Mitigate risks by addressing key aspects up front, before project definition


Mitigate risk with 100% realistic and correct behavior

Reduced commissioning time enables realizing plant value sooner and minimizes the CO2 footprint for commissioning

Optimized plant footprint helps minimize CO2 emissions

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