Reduce process variability, increase throughput, and reduce carbon footprint

Quality control and energy efficiency are essential in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, provided they enable maximizing margins and achieving sustainability objectives. Today’s Energy Industries are uniquely recognizing the heightened pressure to operate close to constraint limits in order to drive plant profitability, while reducing their carbon footprints.

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ABB Ability™ Predict & Control

Model Predictive Control (MPC) is a widely used industrial technique for advanced multivariable control. For processes featuring strong interaction among different units, MPC offers substantial performance improvements compared with traditional single-input single-output control strategies. Additionally, a main feature of MPC controllers is the ability to handle constraints with a priority hierarchy, for both targets/limits and calculated setpoints.

ABB Ability Predict & Control advanced state space MPC formulation to minimize process variations so that you increase throughput and reduce production costs and carbon footprint by operating safely at the closest possible process constraint limits.

ABB Ability Predict & Control is more than a Model Predictive Control algorithm. It’s built upon ABB’s cutting-edge technology, utilizing state-space models to accurately account for complex process dynamics with a reduced number of parameters.

How it works

Predict & Control uses sophisticated Model Predictive Control technology to manage and optimize process units, increase throughput, increase energy efficiency and reduce production costs by operating safely at close to process constraints and limits.

Flexible and intuitive

Predict & Control control algorithm provides maximum flexibility in defining process goals and control objectives. It combines multi- objective optimization with flexible and intuitive tuning.

Full model switch while APC is active

Provide the information that makes operators familiar with plant operation, start-up, shutdown, response on malfunction, emergencies, and safety procedures prior to production start / modifications.

State Space formulation

Predict & Control utilizes state space formulation, allowing to efficiently mix slow and fast dynamics in a single APC application. The integrated state estimator via Kalman filter achieves early and accurate disturbance detection, allowing effective disturbance rejection.

Energy Management & Real Time Optimization

Predict & Control native integration with OPTIMAX® allows configuration of flexible strategies for Energy Optimization and Process Optimization, where APC acts as an enabler for site optimization strategies and energy market real-time interaction.


Increase energy efficiency while reducing CO2 footprint and improving product yields

Achieve optimal, repeatable process performance

Production optimization while operating safely within process constraints

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