Elevating operational and sustainability performance

Organizations in the petrochemical and refining industries are looking to achieve the lowest carbon-index score feasible, an objective that is increasingly driven by shareholders who’re driving more ambitious sustainability targets. This shift in focus is also reflected in the investment landscape, where access to capital by conventional facilities is becoming harder to secure, as investors prioritize projects that contribute to the energy transition.

As a result, these plants and refineries face the concurrent challenge of minimizing carbon emissions and maintaining profitability. To address these challenges effectively requires technology that can enable smarter and faster decision-making.

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ABB digital solutions enable customers in the petrochemical and refining spaces to preserve resources, optimize operational efficiency, achieve sustainability targets, and increase their profitability.

Spanning from CAPEX to OPEX, our applications and vertical solutions ensure safer, smarter and more sustainable energy and process management.

A complete portfolio of solutions

ABB’s software applications close the loop to deliver full automation, from predictive optimization to direct implementation in the field. They enable joint optimization of processes and energy, plus integration with energy markets.
  • Manages and optimizes energy, emissions, and processes
  • Coordinates control of multiple assets targeting energy efficiency and decarbonization
  • Uses state space modeling to reduce process variations
  • Increases throughput and reduces production costs by operating safely at the closest possible process constraint limits
  • Enables a more-reliable and stable electricity supply to process industries
  • Gives operators better visibility and information
  • Drives optimal use of total power resources
  • Reduces the risk and number of unplanned shutdowns with realistic DCS simulation
  • Enhances safety
  • Optimizes productivity
  • Saves energy
  • Supports alarm management activities throughout the full lifecycle of the plant
  • Scalable software tool set based on industry standards and guidelines
  • Helps you develop optimum basis of safety
  • Ensures operational risks are managed
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement


Reduce energy costs and emissions while improving the productivity of your plant

Save 3-5% on steam and 7-10% on electricity cost with ROI of less than one year

Save on CAPEX with digital twins in the FEED and engineering phases

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