Sustainable water treatment

Water is one of the most important elements of life, and as Earth’s population grows, so too does the demand for it. This increasing demand coupled with more stringent environmental standards and a focus on minimizing their carbon footprint, is driving wastewater treatment plants to find new ways to leverage data for more efficient and sustainable processes.



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ABB’s digital sustainability solutions for water help organizations increase operational efficiency while reducing costs, emissions, and chemical usage.

We do this by leveraging a portfolio of solutions that’s built on the most advanced technologies, enabling more informed decisions throughout your company, from control room to management for efficient operations and extended lifetime.

Our portfolio of digital sustainability solutions for water

ABB delivers expertise in advanced process control, digital twin, process simulation, and performance optimization to create a scalable and modular digital solution that’s designed to work with your existing automation system. 

For example, our advanced process control solution helps plants run at optimal operating conditions and enables up to 25% savings on blowers- and pump-related energy bills, as well as up to 10% savings in related chemicals expenditures in bioreactors. Additionally, our Energy Management and Optimization Solution (EMOS) OPTIMAX® for Water enables net-zero plants by optimally orchestrating all energy types at a waste water treatment plant.
  • Save time on reporting
  • Comply to ISO 50001
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Optimize operation of all energy types in a WWTP
  • Allow interaction with market
  • Enable net-zero waste water treatment
  • Reduce chemical usage by up to 10%
  • Combine advanced process control with process simulation
  • Optimize energy consumption, chemical dosing, and environmental footprint
  • Up to 20% energy cost savings
  • Enable energy-optimized control of pump groups
  • Review real-time calculations of overall efficiency, exploiting pump characteristics
  • Real-time optimization of the optimal setpoint and control of the pumps


Identify up to 40% energy reduction potential or go directly net-zero

Run your WWTP at net-zero or save up to 10% on energy costs and emissions by using our EMOS

Reduce chemical usage by up to 10%

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