The high cost of poor visibility

Reducing energy costs, maintaining continuous improvement, and complying with sustainability targets is a challenge when you lack visibility. In order to effectively plan, predict, and optimize energy usage, emission and your processes, you plant needs complete and actionable information.

OPTIMAX® for Monitoring and Reporting helps you optimize energy consumption by improving your visibility and to comply with legal requirements.

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OPTIMAX® for Monitoring and Reporting

is a software suite for energy management certified by BAFA (the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control).

OPTIMAX® for Monitoring and Reporting supports you on your journey to meeting ISO50001 requirements.


How it works

OPTIMAX® for Monitoring and Reporting helps you enables comprehensive data collection, user-friendly data visualization, and in-depth data analysis of energy consumption (as well as generation and storage). The software suite helps you both identify areas of improvement and implement measures to improve energy efficiency. By monitoring energy flows, OPTIMAX® for Monitoring and Reporting presents your data in a clear and concise manner, enabling consumption comparisons and trend identification.


  • Performs ISO50001 audits quickly and accurately
  • Generates the exact reports you need
  • Performs KPI calculations and visualizes your data and figures
  • Identifies trends and compares time frames to prove energy efficiency/sustainability improvements

One-click reporting

  • Generates reports on electricity, emissions, gas, steam, and water
  • Exports reports in CSV and PDF formats for any timeframe and for single assets or aggregate time series


  • Indicates distribution of current power flows of all assets
  • Visualizes historical power and energy consumption with easy filtering and sampling
  • Presents KPI panels and transparency for all energy types (electricity, gas, heat, fuel, steam, water)

Seamless expansion

  • Provides seamless expansion to control and optimization of all energy assets and processes of your site


Reduces energy and efficiency losses by up to 40%

Maintain ISO50001 while reducing time spent on sustainability reporting by up to 50%

Reduce peak load, energy, consumption and emissions by up to 10%

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