Towards a low-carbon future

The global shift towards renewable energy is essential for minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on imported fuels. However, the current demand for fossil fuels and their derivatives remains significant.

The transition to cleaner energy sources is of course critical for our planet's future, but equally important is the challenge of achieving sustainability objectives within existing oil and gas facilities.

Oil and gas firms are looking for new ways to enhance their production efficiency and output, while simultaneously cutting down on energy use and carbon emissions. This is where ABB’s innovative suite of digital solutions for the oil and gas sector can help, offering an effective path to achieve these goals.

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ABB offers a portfolio of digital solutions that help oil and gas firms improve operational flexibility while both meeting emissions targets, and advancing environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability.

A complete digital portfolio

With our portfolio of solutions for oil and gas firms, ABB helps businesses maximize their throughput while transitioning their business models and operations to take advantage of renewable energy sources and technologies.

By leveraging our proven software suite, we help customers prioritize safety measures, drive product throughput and energy efficiency with improved reliability, and enhance emergency preparedness to minimize the risk of accidents.

  • Enables a more-reliable and stable electricity supply to process industries
  • Gives operators better visibility and information
  • Drives optimal use of total power resources
  • Increases efficiency through energy management and optimization for energy, emissions, and processes
  • Control and optimize carbon emissions
  • Increases product throughput
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Reduces production costs by operating safely at the closest possible process constraint limits
  • Reduces the risk and number of unplanned shutdowns with realistic DCS simulation
  • Enhances safety while training operators

  • Improves safety by reducing risk of human error in plant operations
  • Supports alarm management activities throughout the full lifecycle of the plant
  • Scales based on industry standards and guidelines
  • Improves safety in any industrial process
  • Helps you develop optimum basis of safety
  • Ensures operational risks are managed
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement


Reduce carbon emissions

Increase product throughput

Increase energy efficiency

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