ABB Ability™ OPTIMAX® for industrials and commercials

Reduce energy costs by 5% to 10%

ABB Ability™ OPTIMAX® for Industrials and Commercials enables industrial, commercial, island and other microgrids to cut their energy costs by 5% to 10% without impacting operations.

The solution provides day-ahead optimization based on weather and load forecasts. It then coordinates your energy resources — in real time — to balance supply and demand using dynamic load shedding. 

With optimized supply and demand, industrial sites and microgrids can readily add low-cost but intermittent renewables without risk to grid reliability or stability. 

And when favorable pricing/production conditions exist, the sites and microgrids can even sell surplus energy production and capacity

Why ABB?

  • Reliability:  Numerous proven installations in all sizes, with the long-term support from the world’s leading control system company
  • Scalability:  Easy to operate and easy to scale without disruptions to the grid; reduce labor costs while improving energy savings and adding new revenues
  • Flexibility:  You’re in control: together we’ll adapt the systems to your business model and objectives 

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