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10 headline ABB water solutions from around the world and across the applications.

Making sewage safe in Silicon Valley 
Silicon Valley, California

  • Modernizing the largest wastewater treatment plant in the western United States
  • Part of a $1.4 billion program to ensure the 60-year-old plant remains efficient, reliable and sustainable

ABB solution: Upgrade the facility’s control system to state-of-the-art ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus, without interrupting production

End customer: San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility


Saving fresh water in the world’s driest desert
Minera Escondida, Chile

  • Seawater is desalinated at two reverse osmosis plants on the coast, pumped through a 177 km pipeline and four large pumping stations to the mine, 3,200 m above sea level, stored, then used across the site
  • Enables the world’s largest copper mine in the world’s driest desert to minimize its use of fresh water from aquifers

ABB solution: An ABB Ability™ control system for the desalination plants, water transfer system, and water distribution network (including leakage detection). The system is fully integrated with the mine’s ABB Ability DCS

End customer: BHP Billiton


Smart city solutions for Swedish multi-utility 
Mälarenergi smart city project, Sweden

  • Develop digital solutions to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and enhance customer satisfaction with the municipal utility
  • Includes reducing water losses in the distribution network by 20%

ABB solution: Provide expertise, cloud infrastructure, data processing and analysis for nine projects across Mälarenergi’s operations

End user: Mälarenergi


Protecting Venice from floods and high water
Venice, Italy

  • 78 retractable air-filled steel flood gates protect this fragile UNESCO World Heritage city from rising sea levels, winter storms and spring tides

Largest public works project ever in Italy

ABB solution: The entire flood protection system is automated and controlled by an ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus control system, managing data signals from more than 50,000 subsea and surface devices, and powered by integrated ABB electrical systems

End customer: Consorzio Venezia Nuova

Water for Egypt’s new capital city

  • Egypt’s new capital city will be home to 12 million people when finished in 2022
  • ABB is providing a water management solution for about a third of the city

ABB solution: ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus SCADA system - including advance leakage management and predictive maintenance systems - to minimize non-revenue water, predict water availability and optimize supply, predict faults and minimize maintenance costs, and ensure network operations are safe and sustainable


Transferring water across Botswana
North-South Carrier, Botswana

  • The NSC carries water 360 km from reservoirs in the north to the capital Gaborone and surrounding area in the south, which are water-poor
  • A second pipeline and pumping stations will double NSC’s capacity

ABB solution: Integrated electrical, control and instrumentation for the second pipeline and pumping stations

End user: Water Utilities Corporation


Treating Hong Kong’s wastewater
Hong Kong

  • Plant expansion increases capacity by 45% and stops discharge of untreated wastewater into Victoria Harbour
  • One of the world’s largest wastewater treatment complexes, serving 5 million people

ABB solution: Upgrade the existing plant’s DCS and integrate it with the new plant’s DCS, creating a unified control system for the whole complex and sewage system

End customer: Government of Hong Kong


Doubling Kuwait’s supply of fresh water
Mina Abdullah water pumping plant, Kuwait

  • Extension and modernization of the country’s biggest water pumping plant
  • Doubles Kuwait’s supply of fresh water to meet growing demand 

ABB solution: Integrated control, communications, electrical and instrumentation solution for the entire pumping plant

End user: Ministry of Electricity and Water 


World’s largest desalinated water reserve
Liwa water reserve, UAE

  • Underground storage of potable desalinated water for emergency use
  • 26 million cubic meters of water stored in 315 wells up to 80 m below the Liwa Desert

ABB solution: SCADA solution to monitor and control the wells and pumping stations across three clusters, and integrated electrical solution for the entire project

End customer: TRANSCO


Booming city, leaking network
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Cut water network leakages from 30% to 10%
  • Save 50 million m3 in water and $10 million in costs per year

ABB solution: Real-time monitoring and control of the city’s water distribution network, an advanced leakage detection and management system and water measurement products to increase efficiency, minimize non-revenue water, prevent disruptions and ensure everyone has access to clean water

End customer: Saigon Water Supply Corporation (SAWACO)

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